Performance is based on RESULTS, not effort. Above all else, what you produce will define your career. Are you getting the RESULTS from yourself and your team?

Keys to Getting Results


  1. Identify Your RESULT BIAS
    • A person with low result bias values the journey more than the outcome, while a person with medium result bias values the journey and outcome equally. They tend to be relatively low to average performers. Alternatively, a person with high result bias recognizes the result is important, yet the journey is fun, too. One with an ultra-high result bias strives for the result at all cost. A high result bias typically identifies a high performer.
  2. Take BOTH a Short-Term & Long-Term Approach
    • If we invest too much time in the short-term goal, we can end up sacrificing the long-term goal. For instance, beating a team down in order to achieve in the interim can cause your team members to be discouraged, tired and disengaged. Alternatively, if we focus primarily on the long-term results, the short-term tasks to get there might not get done. Balance is important.
  3. Effectively COMMUNICATE
    • Communication can make or break getting results. With all of the inputs we are constantly bombarded with, it is easy for messages to escape us. Thus, it is difficult to over-communicate. Leverage multiple channels when sharing information with teams – in-person, emails, phone calls, and personal notes – in order to ensure your message is heard.
Remember the Outcome Defines Success.