Clear communication is effective communication. More than 80% of work time is spent on communicating, but is your delivery coming up short?

3 Tips on Communicating With Clarity
  1. Establish Limits
    • Establish limits on date and timeframe, the points i.e. (Introduction, Middle, and Close), and lastly agree and reference. By establishing an agreement of what is clearly communicated and referencing from one to two sources, you can easily bring the conversation back to the main points.
  2. Anticipate Rejection
    • Ask questions to prevent fear of rejection. People have the misconception that being unclear is a safe way to avoid rejection. To prevent this, ask questions if the topic is unclear and assure that a ‘fast’ no is better than a ‘slow’ maybe!
  3. Prevent Self-Preservation
    • Model a positive attitude that illustrates ‘to get along’ we have ‘to move along’. This prevents people from feeling discouraged and choosing to be unclear to avoid over hurting ones’ feelings. Assuring others that clarity is key over feelings, can only reap benefits!
Delivery with Effectiveness.