Headlines sell. But does your LinkedIn headline differentiate you and your brand or leave you muddled amongst the over 200 MILLION other profiles?

3 Tips to Power Branding Your LinkedIn Headline
  1. Make your name as UNIQUE as possible
    • Mike Smith is not unique but Michael E. Smith, Jr or Michael E. Smith, CPA is. Use your complete and full name and consider adding any professional certifications if relevant. Remember you want people to find you easily!
  2. Make what you do CLEAR and DESCRIPTIVE
    • Strategic Media Advisor is a clear and descriptive title, anyone can figure out what you do. Marketing Level III is specific to a company and not relevant to your audience while Media/Communications/Advertising/Public Relations makes it seem like you do everything.
  3. Market your geography a MAJOR METRO area
    • If you live 30 miles outside New York City, use “Greater New York City” as your area and not the specific town you live in. You want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.
Brand yourself for the career you want, not the job you have. Get NOTICED!