Brand Yourself. Only approximately 16% of people have a professional brand, and fewer than 5% embody it. In order to SELL YOURSELF, you must first define your own brand!

  1. Understand the Professional Brand Definition
    • A Professional Brand is an individual’s promise to consistently provide a unique set of characteristics, advantages, and services to others. It representations your values, ideas, and personality. Your brand may include EDUCATION Level, COMPANY, or some other SET of Functional, Emotional, and Rational Associations and Benefits.
  2. Maintain Consistency
    • We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, in order for others to know who you are, you must share a CONSISTENT message about yourself. ALIGNMENT between who you are and your Professional Brand Definition is crucial for attaining the highest brand equity.
  3. Be Authentic
    • Speak to your own values and beliefs, not the ones others may have pressed upon you. It is much easier to be yourself, and you will find it more rewarding. In so doing, you will exhibit passion, which will make you credible.

Close the gap between yourself & your
personal brand definition. Define Your Success.