Leaders have style. What’s yours? Personal style will dictate your ability to attract & retain teams, as well as your TEAM & PERSONAL RESULTS. Determine your style, determine your SUCCESS.

5 Tips to Develop a Winning Leadership Style that Works for You


  1. AUTHORITARIAN Leadership
    • When decisions need to be made quickly and limited input by team members is necessary, an Authoritarian Style may be useful. In this style, the leader keeps strict control over followers by policy & procedure. Best in crisis situations and with routine workforces.
  2. DEMOCRATIC Leadership
    • In a Democratic Style, the leader shares the decision-making abilities with team members. Individual creativity, team engagement, and skill development are encouraged. In this style, quality is generally supported over the need for efficiency.
  3. LAISSEZ-FAIRE Leadership
    • During times when less collective teamwork is required, consider a Laissez-Faire Style, where the leader plays a hands-off role and delegates tasks to team members. Use with experienced work forces to encourage autonomy and individual decision making.
  4. TRANSACTIONAL Leadership
    • When the individual assumes the responsibility and only reactive supervision is required by the leader, a Transactional Style is appropriate. Here, the leader focuses on motivating team through a system of rewards and punishments. This style is best employed with high-reward and ambitious workforces.
    • At a time when new direction, change or performance is needed, a Transformational Style may be most appropriate—leaders challenge their team through a vision and energy. The team’s alignment with the vision is vital, but in these situations, there is an opportunity to outperform others or a previously set benchmark.
Establish & Employ a Winning Style.