Are you losing by not listening? Research shows that we only remember 25-50% of what we hear. To improve your listening skills, commit to asking the right questions. Listen to WIN.

3 Tips on Asking the Right Questions
  1. Gather More INFO & INTEL
    • Asking for clarity is a sign of ACTIVE LISTENING. When speaking with a colleague or client, ask for definitions of descriptive words and explanations of specific jargon. By showing you do not yet understand, you show others you care about the message behind their words.
  2. Have a PLAN & PURPOSE
    • Begin with the end in mind. Before you go into a meeting, PLAN your QUESTIONS in ADVANCE and have an idea of your PURPOSE—to get FACTS or OPINIONS. Start with more general questions and move towards specificity. Be short and clear.
    • In order to get a useful result, be open to the opinions of others. First, ESTABLISH RAPPORT. From there, make your colleague or client comfortable by avoiding intimidation, avoiding leading questions, and avoiding assumptions. Ask OPEN-ENDED questions that make the other party think and work. When your question goes unanswered, ask again!
Achieving influence starts with communication.
WINNERS listen first.