Leaders move. Leadership is the willingness to accept responsibility and organize a group of people to achieve a common goal. By definition, when others talk, leaders take action.

3 Actions of POWER LEADERS

1. They Take OWNERSHIP
The first part of the definition of leadership says “accept responsibility.” This goes far beyond simply stepping up and saying “I’m leader!” Leaders recognize that they have taken an ownership position, and they accept the outcome as their OWN, no matter if it is positive or negative. Survey results reflect this as well—94% of people say that true leaders own up to their mistakes and shortcomings regularly.
Leaders are committed to achieving a goal, and the best ones know that they cannot do it alone. They seek out the team members who are COMMITTED to a shared vision and have the potential for EXCELLENCE. Leaders have high expectations for their teams because they are committed to excellence themselves.
There’s no question, leaders must lead by example. But that is really only a piece of the leadership puzzle. Leaders establish values, they set clear goals, and they build positive culture. And in order to do all this, they must be PHENOMENAL communicators. They deliver their messages in clear and compelling ways that their teams can understand and follow.

Leaders stand out & step up. Leaders take ACTION.