Flex your mental muscle. The higher your mental toughness, the more likely you are to bounce back when faced with a challenge. When adversity comes knocking, how do you handle it?

Three Habits of the Mentally STRONG

1. Control what You can CONTROL
Those who have the greatest mental strength recognize that there is no use in putting energy into those things we cannot control. Is the traffic really bad today? Is it raining outside? The mentally tough look at this challenge and say, “There’s nothing I can do to change this,” and focus instead on what they can do to work around it.

2. Keep a FORWARD-THINKING Mindset
There is no question, the past serves as a great data point for learning and growth. However, if we stay there too long, we pull ourselves away from the current moment. There’s nothing we can do to change the past. Rather, mentally tough people use their precious time to create a tremendous present and future.

3. CELEBRATE the Success of Others
It’s really easy to resent other people for their success if you have not experienced it. It takes remarkable mental strength to REALIZE others’ success, CELEBRATE their hard work, LEARN from it, and BUCKLE DOWN to build your own.

The greater your mental toughness, the greater your SUCCESS. Be STRONG.