The first step to building your own executive presence is recognizing it in someone else.

This person has won the confidence of those around them. They possess a professional magnetism that attracts and influences others. They are an exemplary leader and respected authority. They are relied on for strength and wisdom.

Ask yourself, what is it about this person that sets them apart? What evokes my admiration for them? They are likely among other things poised, confident, passionate, candid, intentional and approachable. Read on for tips on building your own executive presence.

Head Up, Shoulders Back, Feet Hip-width Apart
It does indeed start with your physical presence but there is more to POISE than that. Drive your message home with as much passion as you feel but find the balance between composure and stuffiness.

Candor with Confidence
Tell it like it is and own it. Be tactful, authentic and unwavering. Don’t sugar coat and don’t hide behind the curtain. Your audience wants to know that you believe what you’re saying. They will appreciate your honesty. They will have confidence in your confidence.

Less is More
Tell your story with clarity. Use simple language that will resonate and allow your audience to relate to you. Be down-to-earth, be intuitive and be skillful without trying too hard to impress or intimidate.

All Access Pass
Be approachable. Invite others in and be genuinely interested in them. Listen. Consider multiple points of view. Be empathetic and encouraging. Offer perspective or advice. Become a resource for others to hang their hats on.

When you build your executive presence, you build your brand, your credibility and your ability to influence and lead. You will be more successful and make more money. When you have executive presence you are magnetic. People want to be around you, thus you’ll make more connections and expand your network. People are more likely to listen when you speak and reflect on your perspective. They are more likely to act in support of your desired result. Bottom line: Build your executive presence and increase your professional success. Start with these tips and you will be well on your way.