Every motivated leader, sales professional, or individual who wants to broaden their network must master the ability to meet more people and make more connections.
Thanks to social media, making connections has never been easier. Finding out a prospect’s or partner’s experience, habits, likes, dislikes and background is easy as mastering the world of social media. You can make 100 new connections in the next 100 minutes – here are 5 Steps to Broaden Your Network:
1. IDENTIFY Your Target Market Online
Take the first step of reviewing all your contacts and identify your Top 50 constituents.

2. SEGMENT Your Top 50
Review your Top 50 constituents and put them into 5 to 7 groups. Groups can be anything you want them to be such as co-workers, clients, partners, career influencers, etc.

3. RESEARCH the Social Media Presence of Your Top 50
Take a spin through each of your Top 50 constituents’ social media presence. Check them out on LinkedIn, Facebook and any blogs they follow. Take notes in your contact management system. You will find out so much info about them.

4. LOCATE Your Top 10 Influencers
Based on your Top 50 list, identify the 10 people who can most positively affect your life and your career. Strike a balance between your segments to make sure you don’t have all co-workers or all clients.

5. IDENTIFY 100 New Connections
As you review your Top 50 and pare your list down to your Top 10, check out their networks within LinkedIn and identify 100 new people you would like to connect with. This seems like a big challenge but we guarantee you will accomplish this in under two hours.