No matter what size team you lead, your role as a leader is to INSPIRE your organization to succeed and become high performers. Here are three ways to drive inspiration across your team:
Allow your team to understand the purpose of what they are doing by showing the importance of their specific roles. Constantly communicate your company’s and team’s goals and vision. If you are are able to share the same vision with your team, you are able to motivate each other to succeed.
There has to be open communication between all team members. Your team needs to feel comfortable talking to you about any topic regarding the company. Allow team members to feel engaged by being transparent. Keep your team informed of company changes, progress, and accomplishments. Your team wants to feel a part of the bigger mission and included in any changes that may be taking place.
Challenge your employees and allow them to exceed their limits. Find ways to encourage growth by providing professional development opportunities. If individuals feel that they are growing personally, they will be inspired to take those skills and apply them to the company. Show your employees you care about their growth and appreciate their skills. It proves that you believe in them and are willing to invest in them.