When forming a business deal, you’re never alone. Proper team building consisting of an aligned purpose, talent, diversity and leadership will help you score more clients and more revenue. However, above all, your team must be ENGAGED. Here are four important concepts that fall under the umbrella of team engagement:

Team engagement starts with the overall camaraderie between the employees. There should be an overall consensus among on the vision – also known as vision alignment. Any inconsistency can hurt the progress of the deal. Employees are expected to be open, available and authentic. Foster employee morale through fun activities inside and outside of the office. It’ll only help in the long run.

When meeting with employees, set the TONE and STANDARD. Show effective communication skills by being engaged and open to help the entire team. Start off by explaining what the team should expect of you and FOLLOW THROUGH with those expectations. Your team will reciprocate by setting expectations for themselves.

It’s important to know HEALTHY conflict can be positive, but UNHEALTHY conflict requires proper management. Conduct a conflict management review that identifies the conflict. Then, gather the proper information from both (all) sides and discuss solutions. Normally these solutions will be compromises to satisfy all who are involved. Solutions should be consistent, but always be ready to call an audible and adapt if necessary.