Building your POWER ASSET PLAN is essential in your quest toward an authentic, recognizable brand. Your assets are your strengths and best qualities. They are what make you GOOD. Passions, tangible assets and intangible assets are three of the core components to an effective brand plan.
Where do you get your INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION? Normally they stem from your passion. Your passions are your energy source, what gets you out of bed in the morning, and what excites you. Consider creating a short list of five passions. Some people really have a tough time with this, which makes it that much more important.
Your tangible assets are those things you would put on your resume. These are displayed, touched or proven. Tangible assets are things you have done yourself: jobs, accomplishments, certifications, education and awards.
Your intangible assets CAN’T be touched, yet they are clear, present and defensible. These are personal attributes that describe who YOU are, and how you’ve attained what you have. Your best attributes and traits also encompass your intangible assets.
So, why make a brand plan? Think about how the most recognizable corporations started out. They needed a plan of attack to entrench themselves in mainstream society. The Golden Arches? We think McDonald’s. The four-letter network? ESPN, of course.
For you personally, you can become something similar, but you have to leverage the three components listed above. As a business executive, what answers fall under those three components? Use them and proceed with the proper ACTIONS. These actions may be to identify and consult those who clearly support you, those who would advocate for you and those who MAY advocate for you. The actions are what actually help your brand grow and become recognized among the community – large or small.
So what are you waiting for? Start the PATH to brand growth NOW.