You can manage tasks and other people – but what about yourself? Through our busy days, we may forget that taking care of our own development, processes, & well-being is also crucial to career & general success. Self management means taking responsibility for creating a positive identity, a productive workstyle & a healthy lifestyle.

1. Identity
Your identity includes the physical & character traits that make up who you are. For instance, consider Brand Management—it’s your reputation that represents your values, ideas and personality. Be consistent, aligned and authentic with your brand. Understand yourself and the perception others hold of you. Is your vision clear? Do people want to be around you? This is called self awareness. Lastly, be sure to demonstrate mental strength. Overcome adversity through positivity and have confidence in yourself through the rough times. It is through adversity that we become stronger and gain experience.

2. Workstyle
The way in which you work and conduct your business says a lot about you. Create a to-do list every day and manage your tasks. Setting deadlines and holding yourself accountable make a task more likely to get done. Develop your professional skills through webinars, trade journals and formal education. Most importantly, KEEP UP with our changing technological world. Become tech savvy with laptops, apps, and other add-ons.

3. Lifestyle
Develop financial prowess by setting goals, managing your spending and taking calculated risks. In addition, focus on building lasting relationships with friends, family and colleagues. You never know how you could serve them, and how they could serve you. Always allot time for your spouse and/or children, and be sure to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. Lastly, take care of your body. Exercise, eat well and get plenty of rest. You’ll be much more productive and happy in the workplace and find that you enjoy your job more.

These things may seem simple, but it is fascinating how often we forget to take care & manage ourselves. But, our best & most brilliant career starts within.