Find Your Leaders. If Your Company Has a Great Business Plan, it Requires Great Leadership to Accelerate the Process and See it Through. Leaders Help Drive the Success of the Business Strategy and Place Talent in The Right Places. Before You Execute Your Business Plan, Make Sure You Have a Strategic Leadership Plan in Place.  

3 Ways Leadership Accelerates Your Plan

1. Identify Drivers of Success
Review the business strategies and identify the leadership abilities and intelligence that is needed for execution of the Plan. These factors help dictate your level of success and allow you to find the right leaders. Without people with the right attributes who will dedicate time and energy, the business strategy won’t be carried out. 
2. Create a Leadership Culture
Does your company have a network of individual and collective beliefs, practices and behaviors? Having these elements in place will allow leaders to interact, make decisions, and influence others in their pursuit to have direction, alignment, and commitment. This type of culture has an impact on how you execute business strategies and ensures accountability
3. Build Talent Systems
A leadership strategy must address the need to attract, retain, and develop the talented people – throughout the organization – who are critical to meeting the goals of the business. To sustain talent look at metrics such as: areas of talent, ability to develop and put forth effort, performance management, and reward & recognition. 

Step On It. Have a Leadership Strategy.