Develop Brand Agents. If Your Employees are Brand Agents for Your Company, It Can Actually Enhance Your Company Brand. Especially If you are a Service Firm, Your Employees Make Your Company. You Can Put All the Time Into Your Company Brand, But If Your Employees are not Advocating for it, Your Brand Will Be Diluted. Guard Your Brand by Building Your Employees’ Brands. Here are 3 bodyguards for your brand:

1. The Personal Approach – Personal Branding

If your employees maximize their potential, they help to maximize the potential of the company. When employees know their own brand then productivity and retention increases. Companies should take the time to encourage employees to discover their personal brand and ask questions like; What did you hear about our company that makes you proud to be part of this organization? What is unique about you that leads to your happiest times and best performance at work? Investing in your employees will help them invest in the company.

2. The Widespread Approach – The Company’s Vision

Your employees cannot deliver on the company’s brand promise if they are unaware of what the company actually stands for and how they stand out among their competition. Leaders must educate their employees on brand and their own actions should live up to that brand. The vision should be written, displayed and repeated.

3. The Web Approach – Make the Connection

Employees should connect their personal brand with the corporate brand. They should ask, “What do I bring to the table that aligns with what my company aims to do?” When employees identify their own brand they are able to align it with the corporate brand and position themselves to execute the deliverables of their position. Bridging the corporate identity with employee identity will result in delivering the corporate brand promise.