Leaders Make Decisions. You Will Never Find a Leader who Has Had a High Level of Success who was Indecisive. This Does Not Mean That They Come to the Fork In the Road and Make a Hasty Right Turn Without Thought. Instead, They Have a Vision and They Make Decisions Based on That Vision. Indecision Kills Opportunity. Want To Be Successful? Make Decisions.

3 Ways to Make Better Decisions

1. Have a VISION
People who are indecisive tend to not be clear on where they want to go or where the company wants to go. In those instances, any turn can look like a good one. However, when you have an articulated vision, that vision drives your decision. So when you are faced with two courses of action, ask yourself, “which one gets me closer to my vision?” All of a sudden, the answer is obvious. Indecisiveness kills goals.
2. Gauge the IMPACT
Think about the level of impact the decision has on your life, your team and others. Decisions that have a higher level of impact require more research & information, more time and more thought. However, if the time is limited, the decision may have to be made before the research can be done. In these cases, it is best to simply make a decision, and then work to make that decision the right one. Indecisiveness kills deals.
3. Face the FEAR
One of the biggest reasons that people are indecisive is because they are afraid of making a wrong decision. Instead, they choose to make no decision because that way they don’t choose the wrong one. The best leaders are able to make a decision and live with that decision, whether it be good or bad. They do the research, they consult who they need to, and they think about interested parties. When they make decisions in this way, they tend to make more right ones. Indecisiveness kills leadership.