Leaders Ask Questions. As A Leader, You Walk In The Light. That Means That Everything You Do Has The Potential To Be Praised Or Ridiculed. Leaders Must Look Within Daily To See If What They Are Displaying To Their Colleagues And Followers Is What They Want Them To See, Hear and Experience.

3 Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

1. Do I COMMUNICATE Clearly?
Leaders serve as a communication beacon for their respective companies and teams. Especially in bigger groups, it is crucial that communication is clearly delivered to all members. This is for several reasons. One, if we want the job to get done, people need to know what they have to do. Two, when our teams feel they are included in the communication, they are more likely to feel a sense of unity and belonging, and thus a commitment to the goal. Finally, if leaders communicate clearly, they will actually be seen as leaders. For the quiet do not remain leaders for long.
It is very easy to stand on top the stage and bark orders. It takes strong leaders to take those orders and apply them to themselves. One of the reasons why leaders fail is because they are not willing to do what they ask of others. People do not like hypocrites. Thus, if leaders are not willing to get their hands a little dirty, they will lose the respect and attention of their teams.
3. Am I Willing To Take CRITICISM?
Providing constructive feedback is an important aspect of a leader’s role. But just like in the “Walk The Talk” section, leaders must also be willing to receive that feedback. A great way to prove oneself as a phenomenal leader is to set an example of how to take criticism. Listen and absorb it, use the important pieces, and be willing to make visible changes as necessary.