Some Leaders are Born. It’s in Their DNA. From a Young Age, They are the Ones Who Inspire Others to Action and Bring Groups Together. However, Leaders Can Also Be Made, and Not Necessarily in Ways We Typically Assign to Leaders.

3 Ways to Change Your Leadership DNA
1. Behind the SCENES
To so many, leadership means talking first or being the one who makes decisions. Without a doubt, those are important aspects of leadership, but it is not the entire picture. Leaders are people who absolutely ignite the charge, but they also are willing to go shoulder-to-shoulder with those in the trenches. If you are a leader at your company, you may have a nice office, but true leaders are also the ones cleaning the conference room, filling paper in the copier, and putting waters in the fridge from time to time—without needing recognition.
So many young leaders believe that in order to lead, they should be the ones speaking the loudest. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the leaders are the ones who encourage and facilitate others. A leader allows others to speak up and feel heard, and they seem to guide the conversation. So yes, talking to a group is definitely important. But, sometimes being a leader is sitting back and listening.
We all have our bad days. However, it’s not about what seemingly happens to us, but how we react to it that makes the difference between someone who is a leader and someone who isn’t. A non-leader shows up to work with a sour look, complains in the break room, and makes their negative opinions well known. Leaders recognize that no matter what happens, they have a responsibility to bring it every day. Even though they might be going through adversity, they bring the ENERGY and STRENGTH for their team, anyway.


You Can Become a LEADER.
Change Your DNA.