Each of us has a purpose. There is something unique that we offer the world, even if we have not yet identified it. That may be incredible math skills, public speaking, or creativity. Whatever it is, we must identify our gift or gifts – if we are lucky enough to have plural – and learn to leverage them in our careers and personal life.

3 Steps to Identify Your Power Purpose
1. What is Your VISION?
A VISION is your tangible dream, aspiration and overall desire for your life. What do you want to do when you “grow up?” What are you good at and how do you make the greatest impact? If you sit down and have a quiet moment to yourself, think about how you see yourself in the future. What does SUCCESS look like to you? Once you identify a VISION, write it down and keep it with you. Then, share it with 5 people to hold yourself accountable to it.
Example – “My vision is to create a movement that inspires others to achieve their maximum potential.”
Example – “My vision is to travel the world, assisting people who might not have the means to help themselves.”

2. What are Your VALUES?
Your VALUES are those standards, norms and behaviors that describe your core and what you stand for. Your values are the things you would go to war for—think about it—how many wars have been fought over religion? These are the words you want people to use when they describe you. When you list out your values, write a short description of each. When in doubt, go back to your values.
Example – “I value SERVICE – giving selflessly to others.”
Example – “I value INTEGRITY – doing what you say you’re going to do.”

3. What are Your GOALS?
Your GOALS are the main things you aim to accomplish in order to achieve your vision. While your vision is timeless, your goals are time-based and measurable. For instance, if your vision is to provide excellent healthcare to the elderly, then your goal now might be to get your nursing degree in 14 months. Your goals should excite you, challenge you, and make you BETTER.
Example – “My goal is to exceed my revenue target for the third quarter.”
Example – “My goal is to receive the highest score on customer satisfaction surveys this month.”


Increase Your Personal POWER.
Identify Your PURPOSE.