Confidence is a state of mind. People who are confident consistently maintain high performance; they know they have what it takes to succeed, while they also understand they have a lot to learn. We all have the ability to develop a confident mindset if we commit to it.

The St.A.R. Formula for Confidence
1. Stand Tall
Studies have shown that posture can have a great effect on your level of confidence. Before you go into a big client meeting or your next presentation, practice being in what we call a “power” stance. Sit in your car and raise your hands in victory. Fist pump as you wait outside the door. Stand tall with your shoulders back and your head up. Your body can literally dictate how you feel, so put yourself in positions that reflect confidence.
2. Ask for Help
Though we would all like for confidence to come from within, there are times that we have to look to others to support us on our journey to high self esteem. High performers recognize that they cannot do it all alone, which might mean them asking for feedback or telling someone that they need a boost. Consider having a confidence buddy. At the end of every day, send a message to each other stating what you did well that day. When we put all of our attention on our positives, we naturally become more confident.
3. Rehearse
Confidence takes practice. If you want a good jump shot, you have to go out and shoot every day. If you want to be confident, you have to practice being confident in your abilities. Try listing out all the things you are good at and putting that up on your wall as constant reminders. In your job, take extra time to prepare for a big meeting or be willing to take critical feedback from a peer before heading into a presentation. Though you might have to take some critical pointers, it will help you to be more confident going into the main event if you take action to fix them. Low performers think they are already good. High performers recognize their talents, but strive to be better through rehearsal.


Increase Your CONFIDENCE.
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