Leaders command attention. They speak with authenticity & clarity that encourage others to listen & act. Understandably, you’ll find true leaders saying some of the same things—and you’ll recognize a leader when you hear these words:

3 Phrases of Power Leaders

1.“This is What HAPPENED…”
Gossip is not leadership. True Power Leaders ignore gossip that gets in the way and focus instead on the necessary facts. What happened? How does it affect us? And how can we solve it? Then, they share important information with stakeholders. They may not relay all the gory details, but leaders keep their teams informed, even if that means telling them that they are unable to share everything at the time.

2. “Susie, What Do YOU Think About…”
Some believe that in order to be seen as a leader, they must be the one doing the talking all the time. However, Power Leaders know this is not the case. A true leader can recognize what others bring to the table and seek their input in order to make sure everyone contributes and have a greater outcome. Leaders may guide a discussion, but they don’t always control it.

Leaders understand that even when in doubt, say “thank you,” genuinely. All of us like to feel appreciated, whether we admit it or not. Teams especially appreciate when a leader recognizes them. Naturally, Power Leaders cultivate a culture of gratitude, and send a handwritten note or two.

Power Leaders are AUTHENTIC.
You Can HEAR It.