Would you build a house without a detailed blueprint? Probably not if you want it to stand on its own. So, why would you pursue career success without a plan? The average person spends about 10-15 hours planning a vacation, and relatively much less on planning a career. Take some time to plan out where you want your career to go–it is where you spend about 40 hours of your week.

Plan for Career Success

Define Your VISION & GOALS
Before you can achieve career success, you must first define what that means to you. What is your VISION for your career? And what are your GOALS? Think about short-term and long-term. Far too often, people get so focused on what they have to do on a day-to-day basis that they forget to peel away for a moment and really think about where they want to go. By establishing career vision & goals, those day-to-day tasks naturally support & reinforce the plan.
Identify Your TANGIBLE & INTANGIBLE Assets
As you start to map out where you want to go, there will be things you have to do along the way to get there. To start, identify what tangible assets–things that can be touched, displayed or proven–you already have. These include degrees, training, certifications. Then consider your intangible assets, or things that cannot be touched but are clear, present and defensible–like empathy, leadership, strategic thinking. From there, it will become clear if there are any holes you need to fill, such as additional training or experience, to support you as you pursue your vision.
Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. However, nobody hears him saying, “You know, I’m probably good at this point. I don’t need anyone to help me.” No. Tom Brady, as professional as they come, still has a coach. Similarly, as you map out your career, consult with a MENTOR who is willing to invest in your success. Sometimes it is good to just have someone who will enthusiastically agree or provide some healthy, constructive criticism. Not to mention, if you share your career plan with this person, he or she can help you achieve it.

Design a Blueprint for Your Career.
Achieve Success.