Executive presence is a combination of­­ attributes, actions, and skills that leads others to perceive a person as a corporate leader. It’s hard to explain executive presence – it’s one of those things you feel when you connect with someone who exudes executive presence. It is something that can be developed, but it takes a commitment. Executive presence can be developed if you have a baseline of self-confidence and a willingness to deal with unpredictable situations.  
3 Tips to Develop Executive Presence and Heighten Your Executive Brand

  • Recognize That Executive Presence Requires Investment
    • Developing a personal brand is a different animal than developing an executive brand. When you are developing your personal brand, you can make it anything you want and as long as you are consistent, authentic & passionate, you will develop that personal brand. However, when you are developing an executive brand, it requires you to become what is perceived as executive. There are different roles for executives depending on the industry, but in general there are some characteristics across the board that drive someone to executive presence. To develop executive presence, it may require some investment. That means clothing, accessories, or other items.
  • Get Out into the Community & Meeting People
    • Part of having executive presence is being around people who are able to observe that presence. The best executive get out into the community and meet people, professionally. That could be through corporate boards or events, or personal actions like charity events, sports games, and dinners. Again, it’s always important to maintain professionalism, and even pick up the bill.
  • Communicate Like an Executive
    • To be seen as having executive presence, it’s important to be able to speak in front of a crowd. If this is a fear of yours, it is time to start working on it. Some other vital communication skills of those with executive presence include the ability to be assertive, reading situations & audiences, establishing clarity, bringing passion & energy, delivering a firm handshake, and having an authoritative tone of voice.

Executive Presence Is Not Some Time. It’s All the Time.