Leadership is the willingness to accept responsibility and organize a group of people to achieve a common goal. With that come a number of different roles that are important as a leader. 
The Final 4 Roles of a Leader

  • A Leader Must Be a Communicator
    • Communication may be one of the most important roles of a leader. When a team feels uninformed, they disengage and can become resentful. A leader who is good at communicating with teammates and colleagues is vital for long-term team success. It’s important to be proactive with communication—communication is better up front than it is after an error has already been done. Additionally, a leader has to know how to use multiple channels to deliver a message—text, phone, in-person, group or email are all channels that a leader should feel comfortable with.


  • A Leader Has to Be a Coach
    • Leaders have developed skills and experience to make them valuable. Coaching can help fill the gaps to get teammates up to speed. It’s important to be focused on solutions and positive outcomes as a result of the coaching. Coaching should be action-oriented and focused on teaching self-awareness. When coaching, lead with someone’s strengths and then work on the challenges.


  • A Leader Must Play the Role of Mentor
    • Leaders have a special role as mentors because by definition, a mentor invests time in an individual outside of the normal workday. This is an extra investment in a teammate, so it’s important to invest in the ones that will reap the highest reward. To be a great mentor, show that you care about the well-being of the person, be a rock that they can rely on, be positive, and make yourself available for them.


  • A Leader Must Be a Role Model
    • Those leaders who we don’t want to follow are generally poor role models. As a role model, it’s important for you to be a great person first, and a great leader second. Being a great person is an everyday task and it starts with compassion, empathy & understanding. From there, integrity, hard work and accountability are all aspects of a great role model, but we could never list all of them here.

Commit to Leadership Daily. Be There for Those You Lead.