Being FEARLESS – Becoming a LEADER

Making the decision to be a leader is the GREATEST GIFT you could ever give yourself in life, and who doesn’t like gifts?  You have that chance right now as you read this. Leadership is the gift that opens up so many OPPORTUNITIES for you and those that depend on you.  Leadership gives you the opportunity to own any fear, uncertainty and doubt, but more importantly it gives you the responsibility to remove it from others.  I am hopeful that you seize this opportunity and start wrapping a gift with a pretty bow on it for yourself.

Leadership is inspiring and exhilarating, but it is also challenging. It’s not the same as management.  Managing tasks is pretty straight forward – see the task, do the task, done. Leading people is not so easy.  Why? Because there are 7.3 billion people in the world and no two are alike…

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Living & Breathing FEARLESSLY

October 28, 2020|Categories: Articles|

As part of our 6-part series, this week I was going to talk about number 6, Living & Breathing FEARLESSLY. 1.      You were born FEARLESS 2.      FEAR is Only as Strong as You Allow It to Be 3.      Focus on Outcomes Over UNCERTAINTY 4.      Beat Doubt with MENTAL TOUGHNESS 5.      Turn the FEAR [...]

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