108 Billion people (and counting) have lived on planet earth, but not even one of them is like you – you are the only U – so just B.

My purpose of this book is to inspire the FEARLESS LEADER inside of you. I hope you were moved, inspired, and motivated in some way to shred your fears, to crush any uncertainties and to disable any doubts.  And in turn to instill your fearlessness in others.  I hope this book creates some action in your life to do more of, less of; to do something more often or less often; or to start doing or stop doing altogether.  I hope you are hyped up to be a Fearless Leader.

I hope I have made clear the fear, uncertainty and doubt factor so you can live, work, play and b FEARLESS.  Then, there was the merits to b LEADER and internalized leadership as the greatest gift in life.  This emphasized the need to make it a daily decision and to understand there is no end destination, only an evergreen journey throughout our life.  We continued our journey together, focusing on our values as individuals and how to b GOOD through our strength, courage, faith, service, humility and leadership.  In Part four, we dove deep into how to b MADE as a Fearless Leader and the eight attributes to unlock our potential – vision, relationships, brand, productivity, communication, influence, emotional intelligence and goals.  As we rounded the corner coming down the home stretch, we engaged our thoughts to b IMPACTFUL through building systems, keeping it simple, instilling belief, cultivating others and to make an exponential impact. And we closed with Part six on leaving a legacy and to b LEGENDARY by leading many, mentoring a few, coaching up all and giving more than we receive with no expectation in return.

Now… the rest is up to you!  Please use this book as a roadmap, a compass, and a key to unlock the FEARLESS LEADER inside of you.  Achieving your life’s purpose and vision is never a straight line, but you will absolutely get there faster as a Fearless Leader overcoming life’s fears, uncertainties and doubts. We all just need a little help on our life’s journey, and I hope this has been helpful. Now go and b FEARLESS!


In some small way, I hope this book makes fearless leadership possible for you and all the lives you impact.

I want to thank my wife Dana who allows me the space, support and motivation to be who I am.  I want to thank my daughter Kaylie who reminds me daily of what fearlessness looks like.  I want to thank my son Patrick who reminds of the power of spreading goodness each and every day.  I want to thank my Mom & Dad who built my foundation, my sister Beth who inspired me and my brothers Paul & Jay. And I want to thank the thousands of team members I have worked with, experimented on and learned from over the course of my life.

I’m always ready, willing and available to listen to your fearless stories, to help you channel your fearlessness and to push you through a speedbump along your fearless journey.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for anything.

Brendan P. Keegan

Have the Courage to Fail & Faith to Succeed