In business and in life, companies and individuals strive to be unique and create a differentiator between themselves and others. The truest way to execute this is to build the right, long-lasting relationships. This leads to a few questions.

  • Are you invested in the right relationships?
  • And I mean really invested?


Most of us have been conditioned to think that the more relationships we have, the better. We brag about the size of our networks and work hard to connect on social media. But not all relationships have the same weight. Some are more important than others. The trick is to know which ones are the most valuable and to invest in those relationships on purpose.

Admittedly, I’ve misstepped in this arena. For example, when my wife and I were getting ready to celebrate my 50th birthday a few years back, she asked me to throw together a list of people I wanted to take on a trip with us. When she seemed surprised at some of the names I spit out, I stepped back and thought about how I picked everyone. The truth was that some of the people I was going to invite weren’t the most valuable to me. Sure, they were fun, but they hadn’t been involved with me through many of the most meaningful points in my life.

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