Nothing is ever certain in business. The products and services provided by companies solve real, current problems, but the mission that fuels a business is bound to change as time goes on. Leaders must be able to pivot and adapt their organizations in a changing environment.

Despite the challenges presented by a fluctuating market or evolving times, it’s still possible to effectively make and achieve goals that help secure a business’s future. Below, members of Newsweek Expert Forum share their expert advice on the best strategy leaders can use to create a vision for the future of their organization among uncertainty.

1. Place Passion at the Forefront

If articulating your vision depends on the weather and the tides, you have little chance of achieving your goals. You’re just bobbing and weaving. Real business leaders have a passionate vision, like true love’s ever-fixed mark in Shakespeare’s sonnet that “looks on tempests and is never shaken.” The steps or the path to get there may change when times are tough, but the goal never waivers. – Leslie GlassReach Out Recovery

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